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Ghostly Goings-on in Baton Rouge this October

October 1 2018 | News

Like any respectable Southern city, Baton Rouge has its fair share of ghost stories. While there have been no spirit sighting or cold spots at Richmond Inn & Suites, there have been nearby. Why not stay with us this October and take a Baton Rouge ghost tour? Until then, enjoy these stories about Baton Rouge ghosts.

Guaranty Income Life & Broadcasting Building

This building, originally Baton Rouge General Hospital, had a morgue on the bottom floor. They say, without explanation, the floor becomes several degrees colder at night. Strange noises have also been heard and the elevator goes up and down when no one is pressing the buttons. Our advice: take the stairs. Learn more.

Old State Capitol

Alarms tripping at night when no one is there. Lights going on and off without explanation. Shadowy figures leaning against pillars. Ghostly footprints left in the dust. Could it be the ghost of Senator Pierre Couvillon who suffered a heart attack during a debate in the Old State Capitol? Paranormal investigators said they picked up the voice of an entity singing You Are My Sunshine, the Louisiana state song, written by former governor/country singer Jimmie Davis. Is he the ghost? Come tour the Old State Capitol and come up with your own theory. Learn more.

Old State Penitentiary

Employees at The Old State Penitentiary have experienced sounds of footsteps on many occasions without explanation–former prisoners roaming the halls, freed at last by death. We're not sure why they would stay in the jail. It couldn't be because they liked the food.  Learn more.

Pleasant Hall at LSU

Rumor has it that a young coed living in Smith Hall (now Pleasant Hall) in the 1950s or 1960s shot her boyfriend during an argument before running upstairs to Room 312 where she killed herself. While her boyfriend got out alive, some say she haunts the hall today. Learn more.

USS Kidd

The “Pirate of the Pacific,” used in both WWII and Korea, will take you back in time and, some say, to another dimension. Thirty-eight men once lost their lives onboard–the victims of a kamikaze attack. If you bump into the ghosts of a WWII sailor, salute!

Spanish Moon

This bar at the base of Highland road was used as a temporary morgue during the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. It has also been a feed store where a little girl was trampled to death by a horse. Those in the know tell tales of shoulders being tapped on, glasses being stacked when no one is there, and pool balls that jump off the table. When you go to see a show at the bar, you might see more than you bargained for.

Myrtles Plantation

Come tour one of America's Most Haunted Houses, Myrtles Plantation. At any given time, you might bump into Chloe, the one-eared slave who accidentally killed the two children in her charge by poisoning them with oleander leaves. Her plan was to save them from death, making herself appear invaluable to her master. Instead, the two kids died and Chloe was hung. Today the spirits of the children are  said to play pranks at the plantation. Former owner William Drew Winter also never left his gorgeous home: he died on the 17th step on the stairs after being shot by a stranger. Get the details.

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